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” The pizza here is light with a thin, well-structured crust made in the gourmet or classic style. It is tasty but most importantly authentically Neapolitan. There are not many adjectives to describe what is undoubtedly one of the best pizzas in Vienna. Although the name may be deceptive, we are not located between Piazza Dante and Piazza Plebiscito but rather in the heart of Vienna. Entering Francesco Calò’s pizzeria is a culinary journey that starts from the montanara with tomato sauce, basil and pecorino cheese to end with pasteria napoletana and sfogliatella, two colossal symbols of Naples. The menu offers a wide choice of classic and gourmet pizzas, all with long leavened dough and high hydration. On the beverage front, the pairing of pizza and wine is just one of the features that make this place special. Each course on the menu is accompanied by wine, all strictly DOC, DOP, DOCG, or IGT. The staff who speak both German and Italian fluently are extremely dedicated to pampering the client from start to finish. This is especially noticeable during the weekend, when, due to the long wait, glasses of Prosecco are offered to pass the time”.



The 6th DOC Pizza World Championship, held from 11 to 12 November 2019 in Nocera Inferiore in the province of Salerno, Italy, recently came to an end. The young Italian Francesco Calò won the desirable prize “Pizza Doc in the World-Miglior Pizzaiolo Italiano nel Mondo” (“DOC Pizza in the World – Best Italian Pizza Chef in the World”).The competition lasted for two days and among more than 360 participants from all over the world, Francesco Calò prevailed in 3 competition categories: A fantastic competition for the Neapolitan pizza – the best thing about it is that there is a hidden jury, which guarantees transparency and credibility, because the jurors only get to know the pizza producers after they have judged the pizza, i.e. during the prize-giving ceremony. This means that the judgement referred only to the pizza and not to the pizza chef. When the tasks were completed, the talented Francesco Calò was awarded the prestigious prize “Pizza Doc in the World – Il Miglior Pizzaiolo Italiano nel Mondo”. Francesco Calò founder and MD of “Enopizzeria Via Toledo” in Vienna, in the heart of the eighth district. About eight years ago he was seized by a passion for the Neapolitan pizza and since then all his efforts and aspirations have been directed towards perfecting his technique: what he offers is a pizza that is rooted in the Neapolitan tradition, but with moderation and purpose, a pizza that takes into account the fresh wind of change. The use of the best raw materials and its dough with a very high moisture content give its pizza an unprecedented lightness and digestibility. The knowledge that Francesco, the southern Italian, is now the ambassador of the DOC pizza in the world, and that he is an excellent representative of Italian culinary culture, makes us proud. Not only the numerous satisfied guests say this, but also the facts: he and his team have already won many awards. We consider ourselves lucky, because the Enopizzeria Via Toledo is really a piece of Naples in the heart of Vienna, and now we are prouder than ever to have the world champion in our city: DOC Pizza Champion in the World! Chapeau, Francesco!

Monday – Sunday 12:00 until 22:00