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Via Toledo Enopizzeria Vienna | Logo

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``Yes, we entered the heart of the Austrians on tiptoe and baking.
Via Toledo is the landing place of a route that started from afar, made of smells, sensations, and indelible memories.
The selection of the best raw materials, knowledge, and infinite passion, allow me to create a product well rooted in tradition, which consciously embraces the wind of gastronomic innovation, and at the same time caresses the palate, softly and intensely, with sensations of incomparable flavors.
“Intensa” is my personal and unique blend, specially designed to create a light, digestible pizza with an intense flavor beyond the final filling. It is a secret, semi-whole grain formula, rich in crucial elements, which naturally contain the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E, group B, and mineral salts. Hazelnut notes, on the other hand, distinguish the aromas of the final filling. Intense is a rich and complete formula, which allows, with the different kneading techniques and long maturation, to obtain a highly digestible pizza with a sublime taste.``

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I don't say Naples, but I certainly didn't expect a similar quality in Austria. Really Italian pizzeria, without contamination. Excellent dough, low price considering the circumstances. In short, recommended!

Spartaco Maria

My girlfriend is Neapolitan and together after having eaten fried everywhere we wanted pizza and after several reviews of various places we landed here ... Result? Amazed by the goodness of the dough and the typical Neapolitan cuisine and the fresh and tasty ingredients, friendly and professional staff and all speak Italian !!! In Italy they could very well compete with the big big names in the industry !!!!! Well done and vote 10 and praise.

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The Via Toledo was the bustling main street of Naples where “noble ladies and rich folk” showed off in fashionable carriages.


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